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You can download various useful utilities from this page. You can use the utilities to solve a particular problem in Loftware software, or to test some of its features.

If you have experienced problems using Loftware software also visit the Frequently Asked Question section for additional information that could be helpful while solving them.


Loftware Label Converter

This utility is designed to automate label conversion of labels in NiceLabel v5 and v6 label format (*.LBL) to the new Loftware label format (*.NLBL). The utility will also convert BarTender and CODESOFT label templates (limitations apply). See Knowledge Base article KB307 for more information. Version Download Loftware Label Converter.


This application extracts the printer settings (DEVMODE) for the selected printer from Windows and saves it to file. You can use Set Print Parameter action in Loftware Cloud to apply these settings to any label. Single label source (one template) can print optimally to any target printer without copies of label templates. Download GetPrinterSettings.

TCP/IP 客户端

NiceLabel Automation 集成服务器的其中一个触发器就是TCP/IP触发器。您可以使用TCP/IP测试程序连接到NiceLabel Automation中的TCP/IP触发器,测试其活动。您可以依照应用程序的方式发送数据。下载TCP/IP客户端

HTTP Client

HTTP客户端是一个程序,用于测试连接 NiceLabel Automation Enterprise 中提供的HTTP触发器是否正常。您可以用HTTP客户端连接到 NiceLabel Automation Enterprise中指定的HTTP触发器并向其发送数据。下载HTTP客户端