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May 11, 2023


Creating a roadmap for sustainable labeling in the cloud

It’s time to move your labeling to the cloud

With the cloud, more sustainable labeling practices are within reach.

Today’s consumers see themselves as catalysts for change. More of them are intertwining sustainability into their purchase decisions, effectively forcing brands to implement and use sustainable business practices that meet or exceed customers’ expectations around environmental, social, and governance (ESG).

As more customers shift purchasing behaviors toward brands that run environmentally friendly operations, cloud-based labeling helps companies of all sizes build strong ESG strategies at a time when governments, business partners, investors, customers, and other stakeholders are paying closer attention to these efforts.

Cloud-based labeling solutions can help your company:

  • Gain higher levels of overall supply chain sustainability
  • Improve product traceability
  • 大幅减少标签错误
  • 消除处理和修复这些错误所需的返工
  • Reduce scrapped products and pre-printed labels
  • Save money
  • Eliminate a large global footprint

In this whitepaper, discover how a cloud-first labeling approach can improve sustainability practices, enhance traceability, reduce labeling errors, and save your business money.


  • Cloud
  • 供应链
  • 标签
  • Sustainability



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有关其他详细信息,请参阅 Loftware 隐私政策